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Chef Boyardee Lasagna, Pasta in Chunky Tomato  Sauce, 14.5 oz • ($3v)

Chef Boyardee Lasagna, Pasta in Chunky Tomato Sauce, 14.5 oz • ($3v)

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Enjoying a bowl of Chef Boyardee Lasagna will remind you of your favorite, comforting family recipes. Your taste buds will be sent into pure lasagna bliss with each bite of lasagna noodles, chunky tomato sauce seasoned with hearty ground meat. This microwave meal is so easy to prepare, you can have an easy, filling dinner, lunch or snack in minutes without sacrificing flavor. This is the family-friendly pantry staple you have to keep on hand for meals in a pinch. Also, this Italian-inspired canned food will tantalize taste buds of all ages, including kids and kids at heart. Before there was Chef Boyardee, there was Chef Hector Boiardi. Hector is the real chef that started it all and inspired the Chef Boyardee meals that you know and love! He believed in good food for good people, which is why Chef Boyardee pasta contains quality ingredients and the time-tested taste your family loves.

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